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Work at Yamsafer

Being part of the Product and Engineering team at Yamsafer means a lot of challenge. You will work within a team of smart people not settling for anything less than world class standards. Prepare yourself to work in a progressive environment where everyone is doing their best to build Yamsafer products and even give back to the community by contributing to and building open source projects.

Who should apply?

Technology enthusiasts that are eager to keep on learning. What really matters at Yamsafer is not where you are now or what certificates you hold. What really matters is where you will be next month. So if you're still at the University and looking for an internship, or if you’re an experienced developer aiming to work with new challenges at scale, apply to this job opening and our interview process will adapt accordingly.

Quality Assurance Engineer at Yamsafer

QA Engineers at Yamsafer are responsible for maintaining the quality of Yamsafer product in an automated manner. On daily basis the QA Engineer at Yamsafer is responsible for:

  1. Write test scenarios and test cases
  2. Apply test scenarios and test cases to Yamsafer products while working closely with developers to solve issues.
  3. Write automation tests for various Yamsafer applications.
  4. Enhance the QA process and implementing continuous integration practices.
  5. Get involved in the development process to help mitigate expected issues and promote test-driven product development methodologies.


Quality Assurance Engineers at Yamsafer are required to acquire knowledge in the following fields. The more knowledge you have in a specific topic the more you are valuable to the team.

  1. Great business understanding of Yamsafer products and being able to pin point problems and their severity.
  2. Knowledge in Selenium and Appium.
  3. Writing code that scales in testing application end to end
  4. Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git


Yamsafer offers employees a highly competitive "total reward" package. Perks include free snacks and meals, discounts on all hotel bookings, a company stock option package and a cool office space with a campus-like culture. Yamsafer employees are young, sharp and ambitious.

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